• Current: Manager of ~35 UX Researchers and Content Strategists across 7 sites throughout the US and APAC for Google Pay.
  • Experienced people manager, cross-discipline, cross-location, in the areas of Search Ads, Display Ads, Progressive Web Apps, Privacy, Productivity tools and Payments.
  • Developed research strategy, vision and goals across multiple Google products, for example, Search Ads, that generates $30+ Billion annual revenue: raised revenue and improved user experience.
  • Created Mobile Design principles used to audit and improve 1000’s of sites and apps, globally.
  • Expert in eCommerce and checkout best practices addressing the needs of Consumers and Businesses.

Management at Google: 2006 – present

  • Grew and managed UX Research teams at Google, working closely with cross-functional peers to ensure the integration of UX Research in product development, determine priorities and align resources.
  • 12 years of management experience: Google Pay (2017-present), Search Ads (2011-2017), Apps + Social – centralized (Gmail, Docs etc) (2008 – 2011), Ads – centralized (2006-2008).
  • Improved the Google UX community and quality of career development, through re-designing hiring processes, founding presentation series, running design sprint programs, and annual summits, re-writing the job ladder, serving on promotion committees, and mentoring.
  • Currently for Google Pay (2017 – present), focusing on new payment innovations, and growth in specific markets: India and the US, and conducting research in advanced digital markets, e.g. in China.

Industry impacting UX

  • For Google Pay web & apps: Grew team (~30 global team members). Launched the Google Pay App 2020, and grew India App. Oversee research on checkout flows for Google products such as YouTube and the Play Store, Ads and Cloud, and global external merchants. Work with consumers, merchants, developers and companies of all sizes.
  • Developed 3 sets of UX Design principles, published externally: Mobile Web, Native Apps, Retail. Globally adopted: the Sales team, Marketing and Developer Relations, have used these for thousands of UX audits.
  • Uncovered consumer perceptions of the mobile web, and native apps, and the factors that determine whether people turn to apps or the web. Used by Google Developer Relations, Sales & Marketing to develop narrative, and prioritize feature development.
  • Compared tablet use to mobile web and to desktop use in research that uncovered the unique contexts for tablet use: Understanding tablet use: a multi-method exploration. Received Best Paper award at UX Australia; paper cited over 130 times.

External Outreach and Advocacy

  • Presented widely on topics such as payments and Google Pay, mobile design best practices, UX research approaches, and Progressive Web Apps. For example, I’ve driven narrative for the prominence of UX in Progressive Web App (PWA) development, and given many presentations to designer and developer audiences.
  • Invited speaker at multiple conferences, including, Google I/O, Awwwards 2018, UXLive 2018, Conversions 2018, and I’ve presented in the US, UK and countries including China, South Korea, Slovakia and Poland. Estimated live in-person audience: 4K (2019-2020), and online views: 200K+ (since 2014). All recorded presentations can be found on LinkedIn. Presentations, articles, interviews etc. available in this doc.

Prior experience

  • UX Researcher for Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park, CA.
  • Zadu: Start-up. UX Architect, San Mateo, CA.
  • Lecturer in Psychology & Educational Technology, The Open University, UK.


  • PhD: University of Southampton, UK: Educational Technology.
  • BA: University of Wales, UK: Psychology.